Carpet cleaning FAQ’s.

How long will a carpet take to dry? Drying times will vary depending on the type of carpet and the weather. A low profile modern man made polypropylene  carpet in the summer will be dry in an hour. A thick wool carpet could possibly take 24 hours to completely dry in winter. Most carpets on average are completely dry in 2-4 hours.

Can you remove a stain? Stain removal depends on what the stain is, what the carpet fibres are made of and if anything has already been used to try and remove it. Wool and nylon carpets are the worst for holding onto stains because the fibres are re-coloured by the stain. Some stains are also worse to try and remove than others, stains that are difficult to remove are highly coloured spillages such as red wine, tea, coffee, lucozade, cherryade, curry, Bolognese, lily pollen, wood stain, dye, ink etc. We do carry a wide range of stain removers on our van and will always do our best but unfortunately cannot guarantee complete removal.

How soon can you do it? This will depend on our workload but will always be within a few days. We will fit you in as soon as possible or on a day and at a time that suits you best. Sometimes we might even be able to fit you in the same day or next day if we are working in your area and have some spare time.

Do we need to vacuum? Yes please if you can, if not don’t worry we will vacuum if the carpets needs it.

Do we need to empty the room? If you can move smaller items of furniture out of the room where the carpet is being cleaned that’s a big help. Things like nests of tables, magazine racks, lamps etc. are best if they are out of the room. We will move your arm chairs and sofa around as we need to, same with the dining table etc. if there is one. We will work around any large, heavy items like big TV’s, side boards etc. because the carpet won’t be dirty underneath because it won’t get any direct foot traffic and we also won’t risk damaging the item or our backs trying to move anything that’s too big, awkward or heavy.

Can you apply stain protection treatments? Yes, we can apply a stain protection treatment to freshly cleaned carpet or brand new carpet.

Are the chemicals safe? Yes they are very safe for you, your children and your pets. Most carpet cleaning chemicals or solutions are bio degradable and completely safe to use in your home.